Heather Kennison | Office Manager

My Story

Heather’s appreciation for design encompasses the interior and exterior. Her keen eye for interior design led her to complete a course on the subject at New York Institute of Art & Design. Heather’s eyes light up over Historic Preservation as she appreciates the art form that historic buildings were designed to withstand the test of time. Seeing a structure go from ideas and sketches, to plans, to completion is Heather’s favorite part of working at an architectural design company.

Heather is from Troy, New York and enjoys her faith and “unplugged” quality time with her family.   On a visit to the office you may see her accompanied by her sons Heeling Autism Service dog. He is a very important piece of her family. Since he provides a service for a person who is autistic and not blind, petting him is allowed, and enjoyed by all visitors.


  • AS Administrative Assistant w/ Information Technology
  • Complete Course in Interior Design – NYIAD Certificate


Heather Kennison

Heather Kennison

Office Manager

Email: hkissinger@sandersarchitects.com
Phone: 518-426-3544 ext. 106