Harris A. Sanders, Architects P.C. has made “excellence” the standard of performance in the practice of architecture.  Our firm commits itself fully to meeting the specific building requirements of each project.  Regardless of size, scope or function every project requires the commitment of our efforts and resources to succeed.  Our goal of excellence, the union of knowledge with experience and dedication is our guarantee to every client.

We believe the success of our practice over the years is based on three essential elements that form the core of our professional philosophy:

Personal Attention

Because of our commitment to each project, Daniel Sanders or Owen Neitzel makes it a point to be personally involved by supervising the entire progress of each project.  Our function is to be responsive to the client’s requirements at every step along the way.  Personal attention, coupled with our considerable design and technical expertise, provides our clients with architectural services sensitive to their requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

It is our professional responsibility to provide architectural solutions that respect the client’s budget. The planning process is carefully executed so that the building design, construction techniques, and time limitations are in harmony with our client’s financial circumstances.  We look after each dollar being spent as though it were our own.

Community Outreach

Our firm is committed to serve the community by sponsoring programs that educate our clients about the role of architecture in creating a better environment.  We are working with community leaders to promote our mission, and develop a better understanding of architecture and its affect on our society.