Our Approach

Harris A. Sanders, Architects, P.C. is an architecture planning, design and construction administration firm that has been servicing the architecture needs of Capital Region clients for over 60 years. A full-service, end-to-end practice, we are recognized as the firm that balances design creativity, practical innovation and personal involvement in every project we undertake.

The principals of Harris A. Sanders, Architects, P.C. have over 100 combined years of experience in architecture planning and design. We have seen dramatic changes in our field in response to the shifting fabric of society, and continually adopt new design methods, techniques and technology advances, incorporating them into our architectural standards.

Architecture Services

Our firm is fully committed to meeting the specific design, aesthetics and structural requirements of every project, regardless of its size, scope or function. Through collaboration between architect, client and builder, we uncover critical project requirements and constraints early in the project lifecycle, which allows us to fully explore design alternatives and to produce the best design solutions for our clients.

Our role as architects is to articulate our client’s vision into actionable project plans, which may include feasibility studies, master planning, or preliminary site assessments. Through the iterative process of architectural design—creating preliminary sketches, 2D drawings, renderings or 3D models—we then translate the client’s vision into a meaningful visual representation.

Historic Preservation

Our design goal in historic preservation’s is to preserve the aesthetics and timelessness of the past within the context, comfort and technology of the contemporary.

Our services lead with exhaustive research on the relevant historic period, its architectural antecedents. Our architects use this research to augment decades of experience in renovations to create historic designs that integrate seamlessly within modern urban spaces. With every preservation project, the challenge ultimately becomes how well the firm can incorporate new construction imperceptibly, while retaining historic structures that are both functional and visually impressive.

The principals of Harris A. Sanders, Architects, P.C. have been active in key historic preservation initiatives in the Capital Region, and received several Preservation Award’s from the Albany Historic Foundation for our renovation designs within the city of Albany, N.Y.

Our knowledge in revitalization policies and restoration guidelines gives our clients’ the assurance that our planning and design recommendations are historically accurate, compliant, functional, and lasting.

Interior Design

Harris A. Sanders, Architects, P.C. architectural design services are complemented by the firm’s interior design services. The firm’s diversity of talent, experience and innovative design ideas bring a fresh approach to the client’s projects, whether the interior focus is residential, workspace, retail or hospitality.

Each interior design project is a unique collaboration with the client. Our role is to discover the client, and to assist the client in the experience of creating an interior space that reflects the client’s interests, values, image and function, with confidence in quality investments both individual and practical.

We advise our clients in choosing appropriate interior styles and color schemes, and select the right blend of furnishings, finishes and decor, and art and antiques sourced from both national and international companies.