Michel Hussain | Registered Architect

Michel Hussain, Registered Architect

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For Michel, architecture goes beyond the concept of the “building.” “Whatever the purpose, well-being within the walls is key. Architecture achieves that through knowledge of the user. A personal home implies understanding the daily routine, needs, preferences of the owner. On the other hand, the conception of a public space varies on its use: is there a need for privacy or, on the contrary, conviviality? This challenge, meeting specific requirements, is what drives me as an architect,” he says.
There is no one period or style of architecture that Michel prefers, but it must have the kind of originality that allows you to recognize it, just like an “ID”, a fingerprint. The ultimate satisfaction is that moment, when Michel presents his project and see’s his client’s face light up; like he just tried on that one custom fit suit he’s always dreamed of, the one that fits just right.
Michel lives his passion through his work. Everywhere he traveled, he has gathered inspiration and ideas. He enjoys reading voraciously to continue nourishing his mind and creative-thinking skills.

Born in Bangladesh, Michel attended college at Texas A&M. Afterward, he flew off to France where he was awarded a scholarship to earn a French architectural degree (DPLG), and then taught architecture in Damascus Syria (working for the french government), returning once again to France. From there Michel settled in the United States where he has lived ever since.


  • Bachelor of Architecture – Texas A&M
  •  Architect DPLG. France & Architect of Historical Monuments


Michel Hussain

Michel Hussain

Senior Designer

Email: mhussain@sandersarchitects.com
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